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Friday, June 30, 2017

Nutanix Xtract

Nutanix Xtract provides a simple method for businesses to migrate existing VMs and Databases from VMware ESXi clusters to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS.

Nutanix Xtract for VMs, which will be available for download in the future, has been designed for all workload types, providing an efficient method to onboard a large number of VMs very simply and quickly. Its architecture is designed with performance and efficiency in mind and starts with a deployed virtual appliance. IT admins follow a 3-step process in the Xtract administrator console to configure and run migrations.

Where Xtract for VMs takes a “lift and shift” approach to migration, Xtract for DBs, available now, operates at an application-level to handle the migration, and importantly, transformation of Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Key Benefits:
  • Streamlined VM migrations with one-click simplicity
  • Agentless infrastructure discovery and migrations
  • Flexible VM network mappings
  • Control over the cutover process with near-zero downtime
  • Cost efficient – included with all Nutanix software editions
  • SQL migrations from any source platform (hardware, virtual or cloud)